Pachymeres, George

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Byzantine historian; b. Nicaea, 1242; d. Constantinople, c. 1310. In 1261 he moved to Constantinople, where he held high positions in both state and Church. He was well educated, and his interests and writings covered a wide range of topics; but his most important work is his Συγγραφικα στορίαι, a history of the reigns of the Emperors michael viii palaeologus and andronicus ii palaeologus (12611308). An eyewitness of many of the events he narrates, he is noted for his impartiality, even when writing of Michael's policy of ecclesiastical union with Rome, to which he was strongly opposed. He enters into detail on doctrinal matters, and his style is often difficult because of his fondness for archaisms. He also composed a short treatise on the Procession of the Holy Spirit, in which he accepted the Damascene formula, "through the Son," some works on aristotle, and several others on Dionysius the Areopagite (see pseudo-dionysius).

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