Pachymeres, Georgios

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Pachymeres, Georgios

Pachymeres, Georgios, Byzantine scholar, church and government official, and music theorist; b. Nicaea, 1242; d. Constantinople, c. 1310. He was an influential figure in Constantinople church and government circles, and also a teacher at the Univ. there. He wrote a valuable treatise on the Quadrivium, Syntagma tōn tessarōn mathēmaton, artïhmētïkēs, mousikēs geōmetrias kai astronomias (modern ed. by P. Tannery, Rome, 1940).


E Magos, Etude sur le système parfait chez G. P. (diss., Univ. of Louvain, 1961–62).

—Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire