Oppenheim, Philipp

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Liturgical scholar; b. at Olpe-Sauerland, Germany, Jan. 7, 1899; d. at Gerleve, Aug. 8, 1949. He became a Benedictine at Gerleve in 1919 and received his doctorate in theology at Breslau in 1928, having studied under F.J. Dölger (18791940). He lived in Rome from 1928, lecturing in patrology and liturgy at San Anselmo and was named professor of liturgy there in 1932. He became professor of liturgy at the Lateran University in 1945 and at the Propaganda in 1946. In 1942 he became censor for the Pontifical Academy of Liturgy and in 1947 was named consultor on the Congregation of Rites and a member of its Liturgical Commission. His most famous works are Symbolik und religiöse Wertung des Mönchskleides im christlichen Atltertum (Münster 1932); Die Consecratio Virginum als geistesgeschichtliches Problem: Eine Studie zu ihrem Aufbau, ihrem Wert und ihrer Geschichte (Rome 1943); and the Institutiones Systematico-Historicae in Sacram Liturgiam (Rome 1937).

Bibliography: h. engberding, Ephemerides liturgicae 64 (1950) 8182.

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