Oppenheim, Joachim

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OPPENHEIM, JOACHIM (Ḥayyim ; 1832–1891), Austrian rabbi. Oppenheim was born in Eibenschitz (Moravia) where his father, Dov Baer, was a rabbi. He took over his brother David's position in the rabbinate at Jamnitz and after the death of his father (1859) he became rabbi in Eibenschitz (1860). From 1868 until his death, he served as rabbi of Thron. Oppenheim was a prolific scholar.

He had a profound knowledge of biblical, talmudic, and midrashic literature. The results of his studies in these areas were published, mostly in Hebrew, in the learned periodicals of the time. His Toledot ha-Mishnah (1882), an introduction to the Mishnah, was originally published in Beit Talmud, edited by his brother-in-law, I.H. *Weiss. Two of his sermons were published under the title Das Tal-Gebet (1862).


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