Olevski, Buzi

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OLEVSKI, BUZI (1908–1941), Soviet Yiddish writer. Born in Volhynia, Olevski graduated in 1930 from the Yiddish department at the Second Moscow State University, where he later defended his doctoral thesis on David Hofstein's oeuvre. In 1926 he debuted as a poet in the Minsk-based journal Shtern, eliciting the favorable reaction of critics. He published stories and poems in various Soviet periodicals and anthologies. In the early 1930s he moved to Birobidzhan. His stories depict people in the Civil War and in the air force, the destruction of the Jewish shtetl, and the heroism of the Red Army. He also wrote children's literature. Among his books are In Vuks ("Growing," 1930), Shakhte ("Mines," 1933), Alts Hekher un Hekher ("Higher and Higher," 1933), Birobidzhaner Lider ("Birobidzhan Poems," 1938), and Onheyb Lebn ("In the Beginning of Life," 1939). He was killed in action on the Soviet-German front.


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