Ohev ben Meir Ha-Nasi

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OHEV BEN MEIR HA-NASI (late 11th–early 12th century), liturgical poet in Spain. Abraham *Ibn Daud mentions him in his Sefer ha-Kabbalah (ed. G.D. Cohen (1967), 73, 102) together with the poet Moses *Ibn Ezra, and refers to him by his Arabic name Ibn Shortmeqas.

Three of Ohev's piyyutim were published in Ḥizzunim (Constantinople, 1585), a collection of piyyutim which were recited in the rite of the "Westerners" who lived in Sicily. One of these, the ofan "Erelim ve-Ḥashmalim" (i.e., various kinds of angels) resembles in several details the famous piyyut "Malakhim mamlikhim" ("The Angels Enthrone") of Moses Ibn Ezra. One of his piyyutim on the Ten Commandments was discovered in the Cairo *Genizah and published by J. Schirmann.


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Ohev ben Meir Ha-Nasi

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