Navon, Ephraim ben Aaron

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NAVON, EPHRAIM BEN AARON (1677–1735), rabbi and halakhist. Navon was born in Constantinople, and emigrated to Jerusalem about 1700, together with his father-in-law, Judah Ergas. He returned to Turkey in 1721 as an emissary of Jerusalem. On the termination of his mission there in 1723, he was appointed a dayyan in the bet din of Judah *Rosanes in Constantinople, and later received the appointment of rabbi. While in Constantinople, he continued to concern himself with the amelioration of the material conditions of the Jewish community of Jerusalem. In 1738 his Maḥaneh Efrayim appeared in Constantinople, containing responsa and novellae on the Talmud and the works of early halakhic authorities. aryeh Judah navon (1707–1761), his son, was the teacher of Yom Tov *Algazi.


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[Avraham David]