Navon, Isaac Eliyahu

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NAVON, ISAAC ELIYAHU (1859–1952), Israeli composer and poet. Born in Adrianople (Edirne), Turkey, he taught in a Hebrew school established by his father in Constantinople and wrote for Jewish newspapers. He also helped to reorganize the Maftirim fraternity of Adrianople (most of whose members had immigrated to Constantinople), and to publish their songbook Shirei Yisrael be-Ereẓ ha-Kedem (1921), which contained a number of his own poems and a foreword by *Bialik. In 1929 Navon settled in Jerusalem, later in Tel Aviv, and devoted himself to spreading the Sephardi musical tradition. Some of the songs he collected or composed entered into the Israeli folksong tradition, notably "Niẓẓanei Shalom," "Ḥaddesh ke-Kedem Yameinu," and "Gizratekh Tavnit Nogah." He published further poems of his own in 1932.


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