Mueller, Ernst

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MUELLER, ERNST (1880–1954), mathematician and writer on Kabbalah and philosophy. Born at Misslitz, Moravia, Mueller taught at the Kiryat Sefer agricultural school, Jaffa (1907–09). From 1911 he worked at the Jewish community library in Vienna, and after its closure by the Nazis immigrated to England. His Der Sohar und seine Lehre went through three editions (1920, 1923, 1959), and he translated selections of the Zohar into German (Sohar, das heilige Buch der Kabbalah, 1932). Mueller wrote a History of Jewish Mysticism (1946). He translated a selection of Bialik's poems (Gedichte, 1911) as well as Abraham ibn Ezra's Sefer ha-Eḥad (Buch der Einheit, 1920), with notes and an excursus on the author as mathematician. On the occasion of the tercentenary of Spinoza's birth he published a (supplementary) bibliography of Spinoza literature (1932). He prepared a German stage version of Plato's Symposium (1932).