Mueller-Cohen, Anita

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MUELLER-COHEN, ANITA (1890–1962), social worker. Born in Vienna, Anita Mueller-Cohen became a social worker while still in her youth. During World War i she did relief work in the war-stricken areas of Galicia and Bukovina. She devoted herself to establishing lying-in hospitals for mothers, day nurseries and medical services for children, and institutions for the care of the aged. After the war she led the effort to help returning soldiers to readjust themselves and established milk stations for undernourished children throughout Austria. She directed the placement of orphaned children in Jewish homes in a number of West European countries and in 1920 promoted the adoption in North and South America of child victims of persecution in Eastern Europe. In that year she became a member of the Vienna City Council. Anita Mueller-Cohen settled in Tel Aviv in 1936 and continued her child welfare and other social services.

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