Mohr, Abraham Menahem Mendel

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MOHR, ABRAHAM MENAHEM MENDEL (1815–1868), Hebrew scholar. Born in Lemberg, he was a maskil who wrote in Hebrew and Yiddish. His fecund literary work commenced in 1834 when he published Magen ha-Ḥokhmah, in which he defended science and philosophy. Together with N.I. Fischmann, Jacob Bodek, and Jacob Mentsch, he issued the two volume Ha-Ro'eh u-Mevakker Sifrei Meḥaberei Zemannenu (1837, 1839), in which famous scholars were harshly criticized. The book aroused the anger of his contemporaries. His publication Yerushalayim, which appeared for three issues (1844–45), was more moderate. In 1848–49 he published a Yiddish newspaper, Tsaytung, which at the time was the only Yiddish newspaper in the world. Mohr wrote about the Rothschilds (Tiferet Yisrael, 1843), Columbus (1846), and Napoleon iii (Ḥut ha-Meshullash, 1853). His works also included Mevasseret Ẓiyyon, (1847), a geography of Palestine and its Jewish inhabitants, and his Purim parodies Kol Bo le-Purim (1855) and Shulḥan Arukh Even ha-Shetiyyah (1861). He published editions of Mikveh Yisrael by Manasseh Ben Israel (1847) and La-Yesharim Tehillah by M.Ḥ. Luzzatto (1859).


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