Melamed, Raḥamim Reuven

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MELAMED, RAḤAMIM REUVEN (1854–1938), Persian rabbi and preacher. Born in Shiraz, he moved to Jerusalem in 1906, established a yeshivah in his own home, and served as rabbi to the Persian Jews. He wrote many commentaries in both Hebrew and *Judeo-Persian to the Pentateuch, the Scrolls, Avot, and portions of the Zohar: among them Kisse Raḥamim (1911), Yeshu'ah ve-Raḥamim (1912), Zedakah ve-Raḥamim (1926), Ḥayyei Raḥamim (1929), Zikhron Raḥamim (1930), and Seder Leil Pesaḥ (in Hebrew and Persian, 1930), all published in Jerusalem. Some of his works were republished by his son, Ezra Zion *Melamed.


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[Walter Joseph Fischel]