Meir ben Isaac of Trinquetaille

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MEIR BEN ISAAC OF TRINQUETAILLE (12th century), Provençal scholar. Knowledge of Meir is largely derived from Menahem b. Solomon *Meiri's introduction to his commentary on Avot. Born in Carcassonne, the young Meir b. Isaac was brought by his father to Posquières to study under *Abraham b. David, and after many years Meir became his pupil-colleague. Meir's retort to his teacher, when the latter attempted to force his opinion upon him in a halakhic matter, has become well known: "Do not make light of my honor. For if you are unique among teachers, I am unique among pupils." From Posquières Meir apparently went to Trinquetaille, near Arles. In Meir's comprehensive work (Sefer ha-Ezer), written in defense of the halakhot of Isaac *Alfasi against the hassagot of *Zerahiah b. Isaac ha-Levi (the author of Ha-Ma'or), the influence of Meir's great teacher who wrote a similar book is clearly recognizable. Although the book has not been preserved, it is quoted by the rishonim – among them *Manoah b. Jacob (who also mentions Meir's Ḥibbur ha-Mukẓeh) and *Estori ha-Parḥi, Meir's great-grandson. Menahem b. Solomon Meiri also claims family connection with him. Meir's son, nathan of trinquetaille, was a well-known scholar and a disciple of the eminent tosafist *Isaac b. Abraham. He later became the teacher of *Naḥmanides, Samuel b. Isaac ha-*Sardi, and Meir b. Simeon ha-Meili. Naḥmanides, Sardi, and Estori ha-Parḥi in particular, quote Nathan frequently. From their quotations it is clear that Nathan wrote a comprehensive work on civil law which was divided into she'arim ("gates") as well as a commentary on the Torah. Nathan's commentary on tractate Shevu'ot is always mentioned.


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Meir ben Isaac of Trinquetaille

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