Mashash, Shlomo

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MASHASH, SHLOMO (1909–2003), Sephardi rabbi. Mashash was born in *Meknes, Morocco, and received his rabbinic education in Yeshivat Pahad Yitzhak. In 1931 he was appointed head of the Jewish school and talmud torah in Meknes, remaining there until 1949, simultaneously serving as head of the local yeshivah until 1947. In 1937 he founded a society Dovev Siftei Yeshenim for the purpose of publishing works of early rabbinic authorities still in manuscript, and in 1944 established an institution for the training of religious officials.

In 1949 Mashash was appointed dayyan in the Regional Beth Din of *Casablanca, in 1959 chief rabbi, and in 1977 he was appointed Sephardi chief rabbi of *Jerusalem.

Mashash published a number of rabbinical works, most of which include the word Shemesh – an anagram of his name – in the title. They include Mizraḥ Shemesh on ritual law (Casablanca, 1962), Tevuot Shemesh on the Shulhan Arukh, and Beth Shemesh on the Talmud and *Maimonides.