Maser, Chris

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MASER, Chris

MASER, Chris. American, b. 1938. Genres: Agriculture/Forestry, Area studies. Career: Yale University, New Haven, CT, vertebrate zoologist with Prehistoric Expedition to Nubia, Egypt, 1963-64; University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, WA, field associate of Puget Sound Museum of Natural History, 1965-71, principal investigator for Oregon Coast Ecological Survey, 1970-72, assistant curator of mammals, 1971-73, associate curator, 1973-81, lecturer in natural history and ecology, 1973-74; Oregon State University, Corvallis, assistant professor of forestry, 1981-88; private consultant, 1988-90; US Environmental Protection Agency, Environmental Monitoring Systems Laboratory, Las Vegas, NV, landscape ecologist, 1990-91; writer and private consultant, 1991-. US Naval Medical Research Unit, Cairo, Egypt, mammalogist in Nepal, 1966-67; US Forest Service, scientific collaborator, 1971-87, senior summer scientist for Federal Research Natural Area System, 1974; US Dept of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management, research zoologist at District Office, Vale, OR, 1975-77, wildlife biologist and research liaison for Oregon State Office, 1977-81, research wildlife biologist, 1981-87; Burke Museum, University of Washington, Seattle, museum research associate in zoology, 1986-. Eastern Oregon State College, adjunct professor, 1975-80. Publications: (with R.M. Storm) A Key to Microtinae of the Pacific Northwest, 1970; (with others) Federal Research Natural Areas in Oregon and Washington, 1972; (with others) Research Natural Area Needs in the Pacific Northwest, 1975; (ed. with J.W. Thomas, and contrib.) Wildlife Habitats in Managed Rangelands, 1979; (with others) Natural History of Oregon Coast Mammals, 1981; (ed. with others, and contrib.) From the Forest to the Sea, 1988; (with R.E. Lewis and J.H. Lewis) Fleas of the Pacific Northwest, 1988; The Redesigned Forest, 1988; The Forest Primeval, 1989; (with others) Synoptic Spore Key to Genera of Hypogeous Fungi in Northern Temperate Forests, 1989; (with J.R. Sedell) Driftwood, 1991; The Crucible of Change, 1991; (with R. Beaton) Reuniting Economics and Ecology in Sustainable Development, 1999; Ecological Diversity in Sustainable Development, 1999; Forest Certification in Sustainable Development, 2000; The World Is in My Garden, 2001. Contributor to books. Address: Stillpoint Publishing, Meetinghouse Rd, PO Box 640, Walpole, NH 03608, U.S.A. Online address: