Margolioth, Jacob

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MARGOLIOTH, JACOB (d. between 1499 and 1512), rabbi of Regensburg (Ratisbon), originally from *Worms. In 1497 he corresponded with Johannes *Reuchlin on kabbalistic literature. Margolioth was considered a halakhic authority by his contemporaries and praised by them. His son samuel, father of the apostate Anton *Margarita, succeeded him as rabbi of Regensburg until the expulsion in 1519; he subsequently moved to Posen (Poznan), where he served as av betdin of Great Poland until after 1537. Another of Jacob's sons, isaac eizik (d. 1525), was a member of the bet din of R. Jacob *Pollak of Prague. Jacob's Seder Gittin ve-Ḥaliẓah has been preserved in two copies, one made by his son Isaac (Bodl. Ms. 2010/3) and the other by his son shalom shakhna under the title Yam she-Asah Shelomo (Bodl. Ms. 803). Part of his work was printed at the end of Tur Even ha-Ezer (Berlin, 1702). A privilege of Frederick iii dated 1487 mentions a second jacob margolioth (d. before 1492), of Nuremberg. A halakhic declaration by him is noted in the responsa of R. Judah *Minz (no. 13), on the legality of a declaration of refusal (me'un) to marry. R. Elijah *Capsali named Jacob Margolioth as one of the supporters of R. Moses *Capsali in his bitter controversy (1475–80) with R. Joseph *Colon (Likkutim Shonim, 1869, p. 16), but it is unclear to which of the two he was referring.


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