Manor, Ehud

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MANOR, EHUD (1941–2005), Israeli songwriter. Manor was born in Binyaminah. He began writing songs in the late 1960s, and immediately became very popular and productive, often collaborating with song composer Nurit *Hirsh as in "Ba-Shanah ha-Ba'ah" (1970). In the 1970s and 1980s Manor wrote songs for many musicians with a personal style, including Matti Caspi ("Brit Olam," 1976); Ḥanan Yovel ("Dor," 1984). and Boaz Sharabi ("Halevay," 1986). He made many contributions to song festivals such as "Abanibi" (1978), winner of the Eurovision song contest. He also produced Hebrew versions of various foreign songs, such as the Brazilian "Eretz Tropit Yafah" (1978). In later years, Manor continued to work with artists of the older generation, but also with younger ones and even adopted the Mediterranean style, as in "Hayiti be-Gan Eden" (1999). He also translated many musicals, including Hair (1971) and Chicago (2004) as well as the plays L'Ecole des femmes (1987); and Twelfth Night (1989). Over the years, Manor edited and presented numerous productions as well as radio and television programs, especially those featuring popular songs (Israeli and foreign). Although a large part of Manor's output consists of light songs, his most famous ones achieve deep resonance on a national level, like "Ein li Eretz Aheret" (1984), and several are highly personal, like "Aḥi ha-Tza'ir Yehudah" (1969) and "Yemei Binyaminah" (1974). In 1998, Manor was awarded the Israel Prize for lifetime achievement in the field of Hebrew song. His song collections and writings include 50 Hits by Ehud Manor and Nurit Hirsh (1969), Mi Ra'ah et BeniChildren's Songs (1989), Ein li Eretz AḥeretShirim ke-Biografiah (2003), and with Zippora Shapira Children's Rhymed Dictionary (2001).


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