Manasses I of Reims

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Archbishop, patron of letters; b. Champagne, France, c. 1040; d. between 1081 and 1100. This archbishop cannot be traced with certainty before his election in 1070 or after May 1081. It is established that Manasses was a well-educated noble, had a taste for Latin verse, possessed some knowledge of Canon Law, and was eager to continue the reputation of the cathedral school of Reims. That he was bellicose, avaricious, narrow-minded, and unreliable can be proved also. It was his defiance of the gregorian reform and his refusal to appear in council to answer charges of uncanonical conduct that led to his deposition (1077) and excommunication (1080). Last mentioned by benzo of alba, he is remembered as the patron of fulcoius of beauvais.

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