Lozano, Pedro

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Jesuit historian; b. Madrid, Spain, June 16, 1697; d. Humahuaca, Argentina, Feb. 8, 1752. He entered the Society of Jesus on Dec. 7, 1711, and 20 days later left from Cádiz as a member of the expedition of Burges en route to Buenos Aires, where he arrived on April 8, 1712. He was ordained in 1721. After spending nine years assisting the sick and dying in Santa Fe, he was appointed in 1730 historiographer of the province. Lozano gives the impression that he remained in Santa Fe or Córdoba; actually he traveled widely through the La Plata areain what is now Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay. In 1751 his fellow Jesuits appointed him their representative to prepare a reply to the Treaty of Limits, which transferred some of the Jesuit Reductions to Portugal.

Numerous books and other writings by Lozano are known. No matter what judgment may be made of his work, he made good use of the 20 years as provincial historiographer. His chief works are: Descripción del Gran Chaco Gualamba (Córdoba, Spain 1733; repr. Tucumán1941); Historia de la Compañía de Jesús de la Provincia del Paraguay (2 v. Madrid 175455); Historia de la conquista del Paraquay, Río de la Plata y Tucumán (5 v. Buenos Aires 187375); Historia de las revoluciones de la provincia de la Paraguay (2 v. Buenos Aires 1905).

Bibliography: g. furlong, Pedro Lozano, S. J., y sus "Observaciones a Vargas" (1750) (Buenos Aires 1959). e. cardozo, Historiograf ίa paraguaya (Mexico City 1959) 1:285306.

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