Leonius, Bl.

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Benedictine abbot and reformer in the Low Countries, noted for works of charity; d. Oct. 26, 1163. Leonius, descended from an old Flemish family, was educated at Anchin by the Benedictines, whom he joined at the age of 22. Influenced by his teacher Alvisius, Leonius adopted the ideals of the cluniac reform. He was prior at Hesdin, and in 1131 he was made abbot of Lobbes, where he served until 1137, when he became abbot of saintbertin. There he established a school of higher religious studies. Leonius took part in the Second crusade and was a friend of its preacher, bernard of clairvaux.

Feast: Jan. 26, and Feb. 6 or 7.

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