Lasansky, Mauricio

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LASANSKY, MAURICIO (1914– ), printmaker. Lasansky was born in Buenos Aires, the son of Polish immigrants. After studying at the Academy of Art, he became director of the Free Fine Arts School, Buenos Aires. In 1943 he went to the United States, and from 1952 taught printmaking at the State University of Iowa. He eventually became the head of what has been called the most influential graphic arts workshop in the world. His imaginative etchings and engravings are representational and are in many public collections. He developed a complicated yet highly successful process of color printing which became known as "The Lasansky Method." In 1967 Lasansky achieved wide recognition through a series of pencil drawings inspired by the Holocaust called "The Nazi Drawings."

[Alfred Werner]

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Lasansky, Mauricio

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