Labi, Solomon

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LABI, SOLOMON (Salomon ) (Ibn ; second half of 14th century), scholar and translator. Labi, who lived probably in Aragon, translated Abraham *Ibn Daud's philosophical work "The Noble Faith" from Arabic to Hebrew under the title Ha-Emunah ha-Ramah (published with German translation and notes by S. Weil, 1852). His translation, extant in many manuscripts, replaced the earlier one by Samuel *Ibn Motot titled Emunah Nissa'ah. There is an anonymous commentary to Labi's translation, but it is not certain that he was its author. Labi is perhaps identical with Don Solomon b. Labi of Ixar, mentioned in *Isaac b. Sheshet's responsa (1878, p. 246 no. 395 and p. 272 no. 435), and with the royal tax farmer of the same name in Saragossa, mentioned in documents in the years 1361–86.


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[Bernard Suler]