Krispin (Krespin), Joshua Abraham

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KRISPIN (Krespin ), JOSHUA ABRAHAM (d. 1855), rabbi of Smyrna. Krispin was the author of Avraham ba-Maḥazeh (1869), sermons and eulogies delivered between 1793 and 1851; Va-Yeshev Avraham (1893), responsa, and novellae on tractates of the Talmud in alphabetical order. This was published by his son isaac who included it in his own Shemo Yiẓḥak, consisting of 27 sermons and eulogies. Another son, aaron, was the author of Beit Aharon (1863) on the Shulḥan ʿArukh, Oraḥ Ḥayyim, Yoreh De'ah and Even ha-ʿEzer, arranged in alphabetical order, and on the writing of names in bills of divorce.


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Krispin (Krespin), Joshua Abraham

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