Kremnitzer, Johanan ben Meir

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KREMNITZER, JOHANAN BEN MEIR (17th century), Polish talmudist. Kremnitzer came from Kalisz. He was a dayyan in Mezhirech and subsequently proofreader for the Talmud edition of Frankfurt on the Oder, where he stayed for three years (1697–99) at the expense of Issachar Bermann (see Behrend *Lehmann). He was responsible for the Ein Mishpat to the tractate Nedarim, which gives the references to the halakhah in the standard code. Kremnitzer was the author of Oraḥ Mishor (Sulzbach, 1692), a supercommentary on the Darkhei Moshe to Yoreh De'ah by Moses Isserles. Despite Kremnitzer's scholarship his commentary did not achieve great popularity. He also wrote Oraḥ Mishor (Berlin, 1723–24) to the tractateNazir and Hilkhot Nazir in Maimonides' Mishneh Torah, appended to which were supplements and additions to his commentary on the Darkhei Moshe. This was republished in the 1884 edition of the Romm-Vilna Talmud; to it he appended a reply to the criticism of Simeon b. Jacob Reischer incited by Kremnitzer's critical remarks on the Minḥat Ya'akov of Simeon's father. Kremnitzer's Zer Zahav, mentioned in his Oraḥ Mishor, remained unpublished.


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