Kraus, Michael

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KRAUS, MICHAEL (1901–?), U.S. historian. Born in New York, Kraus taught at City College from 1925. His main area was intellectual history, with emphasis on the cultural interplay between Europe and America. He explored the common culture of the Atlantic world in his seminal works, which include The Atlantic Civilization: Eighteenth-Century Origins (1949). After he retired from teaching, he was named professor emeritus of history at City College, City University of New York. Kraus made significant contributions to American historiography, notably in A History of American History (1937), The Writing of American History (1953), The United States to 1865 (1959), Family Album for Americans (with V. Edelstadt, 1961), and Immigration, the American Mosaic (1966).

[Ruth Beloff (2nd ed.)]