Kornik (Kurnik), Meir ben Moses

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KORNIK (Kurnik ), MEIR BEN MOSES (d. 1826), rabbi. Kornik was born in Glogau (Silesia), where he later served as rabbi. He wrote the following books: Ezrat ha-Sofer (Amsterdam, 1796), the Book of Esther, with the masoretic rules for writing this scroll; Hadrei Kodesh (Dyrhenfurth, 1817), commentary on parts of Sefer Yeẓirah and on parts of the Zohar which are included in Tikkun Leil Shavuot and in Tikkun Hoshana Rabba; Davar be-Itto (Breslau, 1817), on the Jewish calendar with a refutation of Lazarus Bendavid's Zur Berechnung und Geschichte des juedischen Kalenders and some glosses by M.B. Friedenthal; and System der Zeitrechnung in chronologischen Tabellen (Berlin, 1825), a complete guide to the Julian, Gregorian, Jewish, and Muslim calendars. Kornik corresponded with R. Moses Sofer and R. Akiva Eger on Jewish calendar problems.

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