Kamenetzky, Abraham Shalom

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KAMENETZKY, ABRAHAM SHALOM (1874–1943), Polish scholar. Kamenetzky, born in Slonim, studied Oriental languages at German and Swiss universities. Until 1914 he was on the staff of the Yevreyskaya Entsiklopediya and lectured at the St. Petersburg Institute of Jewish Studies. After World War i he was in charge of the library attached to the Warsaw Tlomackie Synagogue. During the Nazi occupation of Poland he was in Lodz, where he worked in the ghetto archives. He died in the ghetto. Kamenetzky's publications in Hebrew, Yiddish, German, and French appeared in various periodicals. He produced an illustrated geography of Ereẓ Israel, Geografyah Mezuyyeret shel Ereẓ Yisrael (1920 and subsequent editions), and coedited a shortened Hebrew version of Graetz's Geschichte der Juden, called Divrei Yemei Yisrael (6 vols., 1929–30), of which he translated parts three and four.