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Franciscan; b. Toruń (Pomerania), probably after 1231; d. Chelmno, Oct. 9, 1264. Having entered the Franciscan convent (founded in 1239) in his native city, subject to the province of Bohemia and Poland, he was transferred in 1258 to the newly founded convent of St. James at Chelmno. Pious, learned, animated with zeal for souls, he was the confessor and spiritual director of jutta of sangerhausen, a relative of Anno, the grand master of the teutonic knights (1257). He was buried at Chelmno, and miracles reputedly obtained through his intercession established him as the protector of sailors and fishermen. Hymns testify to an early cult. He is represented holding a book and surrounded by a bright light. His cult, approved Oct. 31, 1638, is limited to Poland; his name is not in the Franciscan liturgical calendar.

Feast: Oct. 9.

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