Jesus Christ, Articles on

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The Son of God, who became man, is considered in several articles, principally: jesus christ (in the bible) and jesus christ (in theology). The latter article has a section devoted to specific questions of special interest, some of which are treated also in separate articles (e.g., theandric acts of christ; impeccability of christ; historical jesus). See also christology. Mysteries of the life, death, and resurrection of Christ are treated in individual articles (ascension of jesus christ; resurrec tion of christ [in the new testament]; passion of christ [in the bible]; virgin birth). Topics of special importance in the development of Christological doctrine are treated in christology, controversies on (patristic) and in separate articles, e.g., monophysitism; nestorianism; for later controversies, see assumptus-homo theology; subsistence (in christology); in carnation, necessity of the. The principal articles on the incarnation are incarnation; hypostatic union; hypostatic union, grace of. The principal articles on the salvific work of Christ are redemption (in the bible); redemption (theology of). Related articles are sacri fice of the cross; satisfaction of christ; atone ment; recapitulation in christ; soteriology.

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