Jet Li's Fearless

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Jet Li's Fearless ★★ Fearless; Huo Yuan Jia 2006 (PG-13)

Touted as Jet Li's final go at traditional Chinese martial arts (wushu) cinema. Li plays famed mainland fighter Huo Yuanjia in this elaborate bio, which begins in 1910, with flashbacks and flashforwards that document Yuanjia's childhood and gradual ascent to martial arts stardom. Yuanjia's initial arrogance costs him much and he must learn humility in order to achieve true harmony (or something like that). Director Yu wisely avoids wasting much time in between fight scenes and takes an almost purist approach with very little CGI and cable work. English and Chinese with subtitles. 103m/C DVD, HD DVD . CH HK Jet Li, Shido Nakamura, Betty Sun, Yong Dong, Collin Chou, Nathan Jones, Yun Qu; D: Ronny Yu; W: Wang Bin, Chris Chow, Christine To, Li Feng; C: Hang-Seng Poon; M: Mei Linmao.