Itinerarium Hierosolymitanum or Itinerarium Burdigalense

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ITINERARIUM HIEROSOLYMITANUM OR ITINERARIUM BURDIGALENSE (Lat., "Jerusalem itinerary" or "Bordeaux itinerary"), a work, probably written by a Christian c. 333 c.e., describing a route for travel from Bordeaux to Jerusalem, and the return trip from Heraclea (in Thrace) through Rome, and ending in Milan. The author often points out sites of historical and religious significance, especially those in and near Jerusalem. Among the numerous places in Palestine mentioned are Ptolemais (Acre), Sicaminos (Haifa), Mt. Carmel, Caesarea, Isdradela (Yezreel), Scythopolis (Beth-Shean), Sechim (Nablus), Hiericho (Jericho), Bethleem (Bethlehem), Bethasora (Beth-Zur), Cebron (Hebron), Nicopolis (Amwas), and Lidda (Lydda). Though in many ways this Itinerarium is very similar to the *Itinerarium Antonini, the precise relationship between the two works is not clear.


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[Howard Jacobson]