Hildigrim, St.

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Bishop and missionary, a.k.a. Hildigrinus; d. Halberstadt, Germany, June 19, 827. (feast, June 19, March 26). Hildigrim was a brother and pupil of St. ludger, bishop of Münster, whom he accompanied to Rome (784) and thence to monte cassino. Later he was abbot of the monastery of werden in the Ruhr Valley. In 802 he became bishop of Châlonssur-Marne; he left there to join his brother in Helmstädt. Later he became bishop of Osterwiek and, finally, in 819, of Halberstadt. Hildigrim was an active missionary bishop among the East Saxons for the last 12 years of his life.

Feast: June 19 and March 26.

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Hildigrim, St.

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