Ḥaviv, Avshalom

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ḤAVIV, AVSHALOM (1926–1947), Jew executed by the British in Palestine. Ḥaviv was born in Haifa and when he was two years old his parents moved to Jerusalem. While still a secondary pupil in Bet ha-Kerem he joined the iẒl. After serving in the *Palmaḥ in En-Ḥarod under the "year of service" program, he returned to Jerusalem where he renewed his activity in iẒl, relinquishing studies at the Hebrew University. Together with Meir Nakar and Yaacov Weiss he was a member of the group which was given the task of ensuring the retreat of the members of iẒl who performed the daring break into the prison of Acre in 1946, but failing to hear the agreed signal for retreat, they remained there too long and were captured. They were sentenced to death on May 16, 1947, and were hanged in Acre prison on the 12th of Av of that year, together with Eliezer Kashani and Mordekhai Alkaḥi.


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