Hainovitz, Asher

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HAINOVITZ, ASHER (1939– ), hazzan. Hainovitz was born in Jerusalem and studied ḥazzanut under Shelomo Zalman *Rivlin. He studied at the Jerusalem Rubin Academy of Music and later received his L.R.S.M. degree from the Royal Academy of Music of London. After serving as cantor in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Pretoria, and London he was appointed to the Central Yeshurun Synagogue in Jerusalem. He is the possessor of a sweet lyric tenor voice and has made the performance of Yiddish lid a specialty. Hainovitz is equally at home on stage and at the pulpit, both in Israel and abroad. He prides himself on being a ba'al tefillah ("master of prayer") at the pulpit. For the Rennanot Institute for Sacred Liturgical Music, he has recorded the entire Ha-Yamim Ha-Nora'im nusaḥ with organ accompaniment by Raymond *Goldstein. Other recordings include Yiddish song in Ḥazzonim Zingt Yiddish.

[Akiva Zimmerman /

Raymond Goldstein (2nd ed.)]