Gruenberg, Samuel

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GRUENBERG, SAMUEL (1879–1959), biblical scholar and communal worker. Gruenberg was born in Romania and in 1920 was appointed lecturer in Bible exegesis, history and geography of Palestine, and modern Hebrew at the Berlin rabbinical seminary. He was active in the Mizrachi movement and founded the Welt-Verband Shomre Shabbos, presiding over its founding congress in 1930. Gruenberg immigrated to Palestine in 1936 and then served as the chairman of the Mo'aẓah Datit ("religious council") of Tel Aviv.

With A.M. Silbermann he edited the "Menorah"-Woerterbuch, a modern Hebrew-German, German-modern Hebrew dictionary (1920). Gruenberg's exegetical work appeared mainly as articles in German (collected under the title Exegetische Beitraege, 5 vols., 1924–33) and Hebrew (collected under the title Li-Feshuto shel Mikra, 1945). He also wrote Zur Geschichte der Bibelexegese I, Nordfranzoesische Klassiker der Bibelexegese (1928). Among his Hebrew works is Niẓẓanim (1906), a book of poetry. Gruenberg was the editor of the Hebrew section of Joseph *Wohlgemuth'sJeschurun, to which he contributed many studies.


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