Goren (Gruenblatt), Natan

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GOREN (Gruenblatt), NATAN

GOREN (Gruenblatt ), NATAN (1887–1956), Hebrew author, journalist, and critic. Born in Vidzy, in the Kovno district of Lithuania, he moved to Vilna in 1903. He became active in Jewish revolutionary circles and was imprisoned several times during 1906–08. In 1910 he moved to Odessa, joining the prominent group of Hebrew and Yiddish writers who lived there. Subsequently he lived in Moscow, where he worked for the Stybel publishing house and for the journal Ha-Am. In 1921 he returned to Lithuania, taking up a leading position in Jewish education and in Hebrew and Yiddish letters. In 1935 he settled in Tel Aviv, where he taught in secondary schools, was active in the Writers' Association, and continued his literary work.

His articles, stories, and poems appeared, beginning in 1911, in numerous Hebrew and Yiddish journals in Europe, Palestine, and the United States. He published his first novel, Feyvush, in 1901, several other novels, and two collections of essays on modern Hebrew writers, Mevakkerim be-Sifrutenu ("Critics in Our Literature," 1944), and Demuyyot be-Sifrutenu ("Figures in Our Literature," 1953).


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