Gore, Patrick Wilson 1938-

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GORE, Patrick Wilson 1938-

(Rob Wilson)

PERSONAL: Born May 27, 1938; son of Geoffrey (a schoolmaster) and Margaret (Wilson) Gore; married (divorced); children: Louise, Richard. Education: University of Oxford, B.A., 1962; M.A., 1966.

ADDRESSES: Offıce—P.O. Box 573, Perth, Ontario K7H 3K4, Canada.

CAREER: Writer and journalist. Associated Press, Columbus, OH, editor, 1968-69; Humber College, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, assistant chairman, 1969-73; North Frontier Communications, Perth, Ontario, president, 1971-87. Military service: Commissioned in British and Canadian forces Royal Air Force, Royal Marine Commando Reserve; paratrooper; Green Beret.

MEMBER: Canadian Intelligence and Security Association, Canadian Institute of Strategic Studies, National Defence College Association.


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(As Rob Wilson) Frame-up in Belize, Simon & Pierre (Toronto, Ontario, Canada), 1985.

And Death in Erin, Writers Club Press (Lincoln, NE), 2000.

Bolivar's Right Hand, Writers Club Press (Lincoln, NE), 2001.

In the Month of Muharram, Writers Club Press (Lincoln, NE), 2001.

Jango Says, Writers Club Press (Lincoln, NE), 2001.

Staggerbush: A Story of the New Millenium, Writers Club Press (Lincoln, NE), 2001.

The Gold Miner of Magadan, Writers Club Press (Lincoln, NE), 2001.

SIDELIGHTS: Patrick Wilson Gore told CA: "My main interest is in what George Orwell called 'unofficial history.' I bring to bear the skills of an Oxford-trained historian, honed by years in military intelligence and international journalism, to produce accounts of what may have happened in those shady areas where the laws of libel and the reticence KGB and CIA alike make the work of the conventional historian impossible. While my primary task is to entertain the reader, I hope that the information and insights I share may broaden his understanding of what is really going on in the world. I am a citizen of three countries. I have travelled in fifty countries and lived and worked in three continents."



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