Goluchowski, Agenor Sen., Count°

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GOLUCHOWSKI, AGENOR SEN., COUNT ° (1812–1875), Austrian politician, minister of the interior, and three times governor of Galicia. A conservative and a fervent Polish patriot, he was an opponent of Jewish emancipation. Claiming to "discover" conflicts among the Jews, he aspired to lead the "enlightened" Jews against the Orthodox. However, in parliament, he was leader of those conservatives who, while masking their antisemitism, fought against any changes in the condition of the Jews. When the Lvov municipality had twice rejected the right of the Jews to quit the ghetto (1846, 1855), the problem came before Goluchowski as minister of interior; he gave the casting vote against the Jews. In 1857 he forbade Jews to employ Christian servants. While he introduced a project granting Jews the right to acquire real property in 1865, when his project was passed to a commission he made no attempt to defend it and it never became law.

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