Goldblum, Israel Isser

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GOLDBLUM, ISRAEL ISSER (Isidore ; 1864–1925), Polish Hebrew writer and bibliographer. Goldblum was born in Vilna and studied in an East European yeshivot. He devoted himself to the study and publication of Hebrew manuscripts in Berlin, Paris, London, Oxford, and Rome. The result of his research he published under the pseudonym Yafag mainly in the periodical Ha-Maggid. He corresponded with the leading Jewish scholars of his time and published a collection of these letters (Kevuẓat Mikhtavim, 1895). He also published Mi-Ginzei Yisrael be-Paris (1894) on the Paris Hebrew manuscripts and Ma'amar Bikkoret Sefarim (1891). Some of his writings and letters exist in manuscript form at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America.


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