Goldberger, Izidor

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GOLDBERGER, IZIDOR (1876–1944), Hungarian rabbi and scholar. Goldberger, who was born in Bátorkeszi, Hungary, held appointments in Sátoraljaujhely (1903–1914) and Tata (1912–1944). He wrote on the history of Hungarian Jewry, especially on that of the Jews in Zemplén County (1910), and in the city of Tata (1914). He also wrote on the emancipation of Hungarian Jewry. Goldberger translated into Hungarian excerpts from the Mishnah (1905) and from the Midrash (1907).


Dr. Goldberger Izidor tatai rabbi irodalmi működése, 1904–1914 (1915); Magyar Zsidó Lexikon (1929), 318; Wininger, Biog, 2 (1927), 441; 7 (1936), 14.

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Goldberger, Izidor

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