Godoy, Pedro de

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Dominican philosopher and theologian; b. Aldeanneva, Spain, c. 1600; d. Segontia, Nov. 2, 1677 (1687?). He studied at the College of St. Gregory at Valladolid and, in 1638, held the first chair of theology at the University of Salamanca. After 25 years there, King Philip IV rewarded him with the appointment to the bishopric of Osma (1663), a choice ratified by Pope Alexander VII on March 31, 1664. In 1672 Godoy left Osma to become bishop of Segontia, a position he held until July 12, 1677, when Pope Innocent XI named the Dominican Thomas Carbonel his successor. Included in his writings, some of which are lost, are three collections of Disputationes theologicae in 1am, 1am 2ae, et 3am partem D. Thomae, published separately between 1666 and 1672 (composite ed. Venice 1686, 1696, 1763). The last edition contains appendices by J. B. gonet, sometimes considered a plagiarist of Godoy's lecture notes, but credited with providing the stimulus that Godoy needed to publish his work at all.

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