Godron, Hugo

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Godron, Hugo

Godron, Hugo, Dutch composer; b. Amsterdam, Nov. 22, 1900; d. Zoelmond, Dec. 6, 1971. He studied violin at the music school in Bussum, and composition with Sem Dresden in Amsterdam (1921-22). He taught composition and harmony at music schools in Bussum, Hilversum, and Utrecht; from 1939 to 1969 he was active as a sound engineer in Hilversum and Amsterdam. His music is generally joyful, almost playful, in character.


ORCH Sinfonietta for Small Orch. (1932-33); 7 Miniatures for Piano and Strings (1933); Piano Concerto (1938-39); Serenade occidental (1942-48); Amabile Suite for Clarinet, Piano, and Strings (1943); Concerto Grosso for Clarinet and Small Orch. (1944-45); Concert Suite for Piano and Strings (1945-7); Miniatuur symphonic (1949-50; orchestration of Gardenia Suite for Piano); 2 Polkas (1950-51; 1957-58); Suite for Harpsichord and Strings (1950); Hommage à Chabrier (1950-51); Hommages classiques for Flute, Piano, and Strings (1950); Concerto for Orchestra (1953-54); Variations traditionnelles for Small Orch. (1954); Promenades, suite (1954-55); 4 impressies for Chamber Orch. (1956-57); Aubade Gaudeamus, suite for Piano, Strings, and Percussion (1966-68); Hommage à Bizet for Small Orch. (1971). CHAMBER: String Trio (1937); Serenade for Piano and Wind Quintet (1947); Sonatina for Flute, Violin, Viola, and Piano (1948); Piano Trio (1948); Sonata facile for Cello and Piano (1950); Divertimento for 2 Violins and Piano (1956); Nouvelles for Piano Trio (1963); Quatuor bohemien for Piano Quartet (1970); piano pieces. OTHER: Assepoes (radio fairy tale, Cinderella; 1946-17).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire