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GILYONOT (Heb. גִּלְיוֹנוֹת), an independent literary monthly published in Tel Aviv from 1934 to 1954, founded and edited by Yiẓhak *Lamdan. Lamdan's strong Zionist and socialist ideas were expressed both in his literary and editorial policy. He viewed modern Hebrew literature as a "continuation of the Hebrew literature" of the past. In addition to recognized Hebrew writers, Lamdan encouraged younger writers to publish in Gilyonot and several contemporary writers of stature published their first works in its pages (S. *Yizhar, for example). He also invited the participation of Hebrew writers living in Europe and the U.S. He manifested great interest in U.S. Jewry, devoting an issue of Gilyonot to that community (vol. 31, no. 8–10). Of interest also is the 18th anniversary issue (vol. 26, no. 5–6), which dealt with the history of Hebrew periodical literature. The final issue of Gilyonot appeared after Lamdan's death and was dedicated to his memory.

[Getzel Kressel]