George (Cohn), Manfred

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GEORGE (Cohn ), MANFRED (1893–1965), journalist and editor. Born in Berlin, he took a degree in law and became a prominent newspaper editor and writer. George excelled as a political writer and as a film and drama critic. Among his books is Theodor Herzl, sein Leben und sein Vermaechtnis (1932). When the Nazis came to power, George went to Prague, worked there for several years, and in 1938 immigrated to the U.S. In New York, he took over Aufbau (subtitled "Reconstruction"), founded in 1924, originally the newsletter of the German-Jewish "New World Club." Under his editorship, Aufbau became a German-language weekly representing the German-Jewish immigrant community and acquired a circulation of more than 30,000. George was one of the outstanding figures of America's German-Jewish community.

[Frederick R. Lachman]

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George (Cohn), Manfred

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