Genesius, Ss.

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There are four saints by this name of whom any details are known.

Genesius (Genès) of Arles, martyr; d. 303? This catechumen, as notary of Arles, refused to transcribe an edict ordering the persecution of Christians. Fleeing the city, he sent the bishop a request for baptism, but before he could receive the sacrament, he was beheaded near the river Rhône. He is often confused with Genesius the Comedian.

Feast: Aug. 25.

Genesius, bishop of Clermont ; d. c. 660. When chosen unanimously by the populace to fill the bishopric on the death of St. Proculus, Genesius reluctantly accepted. After five years he made a pilgrimage to Rome seeking permission to resign and lead a solitary life, but his people forced him to return. He built the church of St. Symphorian (where he was buried and which later bore his name), a hospice, and a monastery, Manglieu or Grandlieu. A later bishop of Clermont, St. Praejectus (Prix; d.676), was his ward.

Feast: June 3.

Genesius the Comedian, legendary martyr, patron of actors; of unknown origin. The passio relates that, a pagan actor, he was "baptized" while performing a burlesque of Christian rites for the Emperor diocletian and publicly confessed the faith. Diocletian immediately put him to torture and had him beheaded.

Feast: Aug. 25.

Genesius, bishop of Lyons ; d. Nov. 11, 678. He was an abbot and chaplain of Queen St. bathildis, becoming bishop of Lyons in 658. In 677 he presided over the Council of Malay.

Feast: Nov. 1.

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