Gantman, Judah Leib

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GANTMAN, JUDAH LEIB (Leo) (1888–1953), ḥazzan. Judah Leib Gantman was born in Berlin and, as a child, participated in the choir of his father, Cantor Benjamin Gantman, who composed melodies for many portions of the prayer service. He continued his studies in music and in 1908 moved to Odessa, where he studied at the Music Conservatory. He served in the Russian army as conductor of the military orchestra, both in the Czarist army and in the revolutionary army, until he was released in 1919. From 1920 to 1927 he conducted the Odessa Opera, after which he moved to Antwerp, where he conducted the synagogue choir of the "Machsiké Hadass" community. Gantman left hundreds of compositions for sections of the prayer service. He trained many cantors, some of whom are still serving in many parts of the world.

[Akiva Zimmerman (2nd ed.)]