Galipapa, Maimon

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GALIPAPA, MAIMON (14th–15th century?), Spanish satirical poet. Galipapa, called "En" (= Don) Maimon Galipapa, was possibly identical with the Galipapa mentioned in a document of 1353 from Valencia. He is the author of Ma'amarei ha-Rofe'im, a parody on the Aphorisms of Hippocrates, a medical work highly popular in the Middle Ages, and Neder Almanah, a satire about a widow who quickly forgets her late husband. Presumably he also wrote the anonymous humorous pamphlet Midyenei Ishah ("Contentions of a Wife") which appeared together with Ma'amarei ha-Rofe'im in Ferrara in 1551.


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[Jefim (Hayyim) Schirmann]