Frins, Victor

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Jesuit theologian and author; b. Aachen, Germany, April 17, 1840; d. Bonn, April 13, 1912. He entered the Society of Jesus in 1859, and studied at Münster and Maria Laach. After 1872 he taught philosophy and theology at Regensburg; scripture, and moral theology, and canon law at Ditton Hall near Liverpool; and scholastic theology at St. Bueno's, St. Asaph, Wales. He contributed to several periodicals, especially to Stimmen aus Maria-Laach, but is better known for his theological works: Doctrina S. Thomae Aquinatis de cooperatione Dei (Paris 1893), De actibus humanis ontologice et psychologice consideratis (Freiburg im Breisgau 1897), De actibus humanis moroliter consideratis (ibid. 1904), and De formanda conscientia (ibid. 1911).

Frins, well known in theological circles as a speculative and creative thinker, was an ardent disciple of Juan de lugo, the Spanish cardinal and theologian of the 17th century.

Bibliography: l. koch, Jesuiten-Lexikon (Leiden 1962) 620.

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