Franks, David

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FRANKS, DAVID (1720–1794), Colonial American merchant and Loyalist. Franks, who was born in New York, began his extensive mercantile career with his arrival in Philadelphia in 1738. In 1742 he entered a partnership with his uncle Nathan Levy. The following year he married a Christian and their children were baptized in Christ Church, Philadelphia. Franks, who had extensive holdings in Western lands, became an agent for the British Army in North America by 1754, along with his father. During the Revolution, Franks was deputy commissary of (British) prisoners for the Americas. However, because of dealings with his brother Moses and with England, he was relieved of his duties. In 1780, after several trials and a good deal of publicity, he was ordered out of Pennsylvania. Exiled to England, Franks vainly sought relief from the crown for his loyalty.

[Leo Hershkowitz]