Fortis (Heb. Hazak), Abraham Isaac

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FORTIS (Heb. Hazak ), ABRAHAM ISAAC (d. c. 1731), physician and communal leader in Poland. He is recorded in Poland around 1690, having come from Italy as a young man (baḥur). Moses *Zacuto, in the same year in Mantua, praised his wide knowledge in "Torah learning," in addition to his distinction in medicine. A clergyman who later became acquainted with him in Poland was amazed at his erudition in Christian theological literature. Fortis settled in the province of "Russia," living in Lvov, Jaroslaw, and Rzeszów (from 1706), and served as physician to Prince Lubomirski in Rzeszów, and to Count Potocki in Lezajsk, who tried to convert him. In 1710 he and another Jewish physician, who had also completed his studies in Italy, were summoned in connection with their qualifications before the crown tribunal of Lublin. Fortis also concerned himself with Jewish affairs. For many years he took part in the leadership of the Jews of the province (galil), and between 1726 and 1730 served as parnas of the *Council of Four Lands. He had several sons who became rabbis or physicians.


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